NOBODY & TOXIC MASCULINITY | #ManTools #Podcast #104

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NOBODY & TOXIC MASCULINITY | #ManTools #Podcast #104

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This week in the news we covered the movie “Nobody” and the beating of the dead horse of “toxic masculinity” by some reviewers of the film, more toxic masculinity being brought up by former president Obama on his podcast, and finally something sensible… getting colleges to stop villainizing masculinity. In cool stuff we had a look at a carpenter with balls & nerves of steel, some close quarter combat training, and what PBS would look like in a libertarian society. Our EXO Autoworks’ tools of the week were the dryer vent cleaning kit Trevor used this week and the  Festool Planex 2, a pad sander on a pole that connects to a vacuum for dust free sanding even on cielings. In sports we listened to Megan Rapinoe whine about not being paid the same as male soccer players, we covered the week’s NHL scores and watched the best Hockey punch ever! Finally, this week in His Story we learned about the first color TV, the vaccination for polio, and the Three Mile Island nuclear incident. 

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