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On the Ground in Ottawa w/ Leila Mechoui of Red Star Radio

todayFebruary 22, 2022

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    On the Ground in Ottawa w/ Leila Mechoui of Red Star Radio #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my trouble making tarsiers and rebel rocking ragamuffins!

Welcome back to the BNP and thank you for joining!! To my patrons, y’all are the diesel in my big rig, thankee.  We have a dazzler of an episode for you!

My guest this week is Leila Mechoui of the Red Star Radio podcast. Find Red Star Radio wherever you listen to podcasts, and support them here. Red Star Radio is a news and analysis podcast from a genuinely Marxist perspective (see: non-dogmatic, inclusive and focused on building real working-class solidarity). As we discuss in the interview, Leila and her co-host Alexander McKay do an excellent job of presenting current events and philosophical concepts through the lens of class struggle and worker’s rights, as against Capital and the rapacious oligarchic ruling class. Definitely check out Red Star Radio and subscribe, it’s an excellent pod. 

Leila has been on the ground in Ottawa throughout the recent Freedom Convoy demonstration against mandates, digital surveillance and government overreach. She provides a valuable firsthand, eyewitness account of the protest. Leila dispels the bad faith tropes being pushed about this movement in the lamestream media. 
Justin Trudeau is a tin pot tyrant (who likes to wear blackface), and he invoked the Emergency Act to disperse the peaceful demonstrators in Ottawa via brutalizing tear gas, rubber bullets, electromagnetic weapons, arrests, and threats of backhanded criminal investigation. Trudeau has even started freezing bank accounts of protest supporters. All for the “crime” of lawfully participating in the democratic process.

Before we dive into the goings on in Ottawa, we pontificate about the nature of learning and knowledge itself (dogmatism vs Taoism, so to speak), and how science is never a settled matter. In fact the scientific method necessitates that science never be a settled matter, in that the entire theory hinges on applying rigorous skepticism to all observed phenomena.

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