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Quinine and Class War – BNP Micro-sode Special

todayMarch 30, 2020

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    Quinine and Class War - BNP Micro-sode Special #HeliumRadio

What’s up beautiful 99%-ers!

This is a special ‘micro-sode’ edition of the BNP. I don’t have a ton of time today because I gotta scamper off to work soon, but I had to voice my thoughts regarding the medicinal benefits of tonic water for fighting off Covid-19 (and malaria to boot!), as well as the ugly truth behind this supposed “rescue package” our dear leaders in D.C have put together in response to the current national and global health and economic crisis.

This “stimulus” is nothing but a 2nd, vastly more massive edition of the 2009 corporate bank bailout, signifying a generational economic realignment and redistribution of wealth away from working class people and into the pockets of the oligarchic ruling class. We mustn’t let fear and our fight or flight response blind us to the grim reality of this bill. We need to educate one another and resist this further consolidation of wealth by the 1%. We need to support each other, and especially our brothers and sisters who work cash jobs and are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

This bill is also not a $2.2T dollar package as the corporate media is telling us. It’s a $10T giveaway. The Fed is printing $4 Trillion dollars for “loans” to businesses and banks (who are NOT legally bound to actually re-lend to working people, and in fact if 2009 is any indication, largely won’t) and is printing a further $4 Trillion dollars for the insurance industry (must be nice to be the insurance industry). Meanwhile, the working class gets a paltry one time payment of $1200 sometime in May, which doesn’t even cover people’s gentrified rent for April. The immiseration of the working class as a result of this biological health crisis cannot be overstated. Workers needs universal basic income for the duration of this crisis. A one-time payment of $1200 is laughably inadequate.

So get your yellow vests ready friends. We will need to make our demands in the street once this health crisis is over. I’ll be giving away free Dadaist paintings for every surveillance drone that’s disabled.


Ana Tijoux – Somos Sur (feat. Shadia Monsour)

Ana Tijoux – Antifa Dance

Ana Tijoux – Sacar La Voz (feat. Jorge Drexler)

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