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Remembering Paul Robeson: Unsung Titan of the Civil Rights Movement and Generationally Gifted Renaissance Man

todayMay 16, 2021

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    Remembering Paul Robeson: Unsung Titan of the Civil Rights Movement and Generationally Gifted Renaissance Man #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my pre-cognitive platypuses (platypi?) and sensational seahorses! (Would be a damn shame if seahorses ever went unheralded, those adorable little fish kickers).

Welcome back to the BNP yall and thank you for tuning in! Shout out to my patrons: y’all are the chrome on my scooter and the crème to my brûlée .  

This week’s ep is a solo hodge podge ep, featuring not one but two WBNP Getting Weird On Your Radio Dial segments, other assorted other zany audio tidbits, robots in spaceships, and making her debut on the BNP, robot presidential press secretary Jen Psycho.

For your veggies this week, we discuss the the life and legacy of an unsung hero of the civil rights movement: activist, actor, athlete and folk singer Paul Robeson, whose mind was essentially destroyed during the CIA’s secret mind control program MK Ultra, via pro capitalist Russian separatist CIA assets who surreptitiously administered a dangerous psychoactive cocktail to Robeson at a party in Moscow, causing Robeson to have a psychic break. Robeson confided in his son that the walls were melting at the party, and that he was having vivid flashbacks to traumatic events in his past.  Robeson was then admitted to  a psychiatric hospital in London and administered still more psychoactive drugs and was forcibly given a sickening and grotesque number of electro shock treatments. These treatments were administered by CIA assets within the psychiatric hospital.

Paul Robeson was a tireless advocate for human rights around the world, and one of the bravest Americans in history. This episode is my small contribution to keeping his memory alive and waking people up to the U.S. State’s cruel and unusual psychic violence against him.

Paul Robeson, thank you for being you and for changing the world for the better. You will never be forgotten, and the souls of those who mistreated and betrayed you will be faced with the karmic repercussions of torturing an angel.

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