RevRachelHollander _Avoid The Maze_Talking Depression_5_12_21

Avoid the Maze
Avoid the Maze
RevRachelHollander _Avoid The Maze_Talking Depression_5_12_21

All podcasts are designed to assist and aid listeners to meet their challenges in life. We are here to support each other…
Welcome, Rev Rachel Hollander, “Minister, Singer, Song-writer, Teacher, Writer, Interpreter, Counselor, Officiate….She shows up to life with a willing, “Yes!” to whatever opportunity is offered to her.”
Today Rev Rachel and I talk about the reality of depression and why she wrote the book, ‘From There To Here.’ “An insider’s guide to navigating the darkness. We both laugh through the podcast, as we have (ARE) navigating and leading our lives in gratitude. Gratitude will be discussed in a future podcast.
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