S2: E55 – Good Morning Grammar: ‘Let’s Practice Voice Modulation’ Friday Fun with Suman Kher

Live and Learn with Shivraj Parshad
Live and Learn with Shivraj Parshad
S2: E55 - Good Morning Grammar: 'Let's Practice Voice Modulation' Friday Fun with Suman Kher

Fridays are meant to be Fun!  So this Friday we decided to give you something to think about and implement over the weekend – voice modulation. Nothing kills a good presentation or keynote speech like a flat monotone. So how does one modulate better, what are the tricks of the trade? We decided to turn to soft skills trainer and communication coach Suman Kher for answers. Suman is a formidable coach, so don’t take what she says for granted, listen and tell us what do you think. Remember you too can feature on an episode of Friday Fun. Send in a voice messages on WhatsApp at +91-9625475442 or email; Shivraj@brevis.inLet’s make our morning listening a little more interesting;

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