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S3E5: Celebrating The Essence of African Music – With Anderson Obiagwu

todayAugust 30, 2023 2

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    S3E5: Celebrating The Essence of African Music - With Anderson Obiagwu #HeliumRadio

Step into the world of African music and empowerment with my guest, Anderson Obiagwu. He’s an influential figure in the entertainment industry and a true pillar of support for African youth. In this episode, we delve deep into Anderson’s remarkable journey – from his Nigerian roots to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the United States. We’ll explore how Anderson founded Big A Entertainment, African Muzik Magazine, and the renowned AFRIMMA Awards – all dedicated to showcasing African talent to the world. Anderson’s wife, Ifeoma Obiagwu (also known as Mrs. Big A), has been his steadfast support throughout, and we’ll discuss the power of partnership and philanthropy through their initiatives, like the Big A Foundation. We’ll dive into the transformative impact of African music and its ability to empower and uplift the youth. Anderson’s story is a testament to the potential of music and determination, enriching lives, forging connections, and celebrating the essence of African culture. Join us in this inspiring episode as we honor the legacy of African music, embrace empowerment, and celebrate Anderson Obiagwu’s exceptional dedication to uplifting African artists and youth worldwide. Get ready to be motivated and uplifted by his unwavering belief in the boundless possibilities of music and community.   Things You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • [00:00 – 10:00] Introduction and Guest’s Background
    • Introducing Anderson Obiagwu and his journey from Nigeria to the United States.
    • Insights into his upbringing, family, and early experiences as an entrepreneur.
    • Reflections on living in America as an African for 26 years.
  • [10:00 – 20:00] Founding Companies and African Music’s Impact
    • Exploring the inception of Big A Entertainment, African Muzik Magazine, and AFRIMMA Awards.
    • Discussing the mission and goals of these companies in promoting African music worldwide.
    • Addressing challenges faced and the transformative impact of African music on youth.
  • [20:00 – 30:00] Empowerment, Support, and Community
    • Diving into the empowerment message behind Anderson’s initiatives.
    • Encouraging Africans to believe in themselves and their talents.
    • Ways to support Big A Entertainment and AFRIMMA’s vision, including visiting their websites.
    • Emphasizing the importance of unity, collaboration, and mutual support within the African diaspora.

  This Episode is brought to you by Living Financially Free:  In our community, financial stability is often overlooked as a priority. Hence, it becomes crucial to understand how our money works; its growth, and the methods to build generational wealth and establish a lasting legacy. If you envision a financially free life for you and your family, visit to speak with an agent who can guide you further.   Quotes  “Of course, nothing comes easy. Getting into this game I knew it wasn’t gonna come easy. I knew it was gonna work at some point but not that fast. So yeah, I was built for it. I was ready for it, so I embraced all the challenges and disappointments.” – Anderson Obiagwu “Be proud of who you are. God created you in dark skin for a reason. So if you’re black, if you’re African, know that you’re African for a reason. Love yourself more than anybody else can ever love you. Nobody can love you better than you. You have to believe in yourself because there is a certain level of confidence that comes with believing in yourself .” – Anderson Obiagwu   LEAVE A REVIEW and tell us what you think about the episode so we can continue putting out the best content just for you! Connect with Living African Podcast: You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, or send us an email at Check out our website for more resources and to learn more. Connect with host, Anyoh: You can connect with Anyoh on Facebook (@anyohf), Instagram (@anyohfombad), and Twitter (@anyohfombad).

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