SCHOOL, GATORS, & JOAN OF ARC – Zach Lonewolf | #ManTools #Podcast #108

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SCHOOL, GATORS, & JOAN OF ARC - Zach Lonewolf | #ManTools #Podcast #108

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This week Eric was out of town for work, so Zach Lonewolf filled in as guest host. In the news we covered several school stories including an Arizona town who ran their school board out, Virginia’s cancelling of advanced classes because they’re racist, and Hunter Biden’s teaching on “media polarization.” In cool stuff we discovered an emotional support gator. Our tool of the week is a device called a paddle broom, which makes getting rocks out of grass a cinch. In sports we looked at hockey training in Russia, forklift racing, and Chris Wiedman’s devastating kick in the UFC. Finally, this week in His Story taught us about Joan of Arc’s defeat of the British at Orleans, the departure of the Lusitania, and the tragedy of Kent State. 

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