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Shamanic Sobriety w/ Sam Tripoli

todaySeptember 20, 2022

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    Shamanic Sobriety w/ Sam Tripoli #HeliumRadio

Welcome back to the BNP and thank you for joining! This week’s ep is a real jim-dandy, a certified corker folks. In addition to zany audio tidbits and a soliloquy about un-f**king the world, this ep features my appearance on Zero with the one and only Sam Tripoli!

Sam Tripoli is an incisive and hilarious comedian, and host of the legendary Tin Foil Hat podcast, as well as one of the four horsemen from Union of the Unwanted.

Sam and I chat about the dangerous and incendiary “spirits” in alcohol, our journeys with sobriety, and the critical importance of creative expression and a shamanic worldview in defeating addiction. I open up about my near suicide while in the grips of alcoholism, narrowly averted by divine timing and angelic intervention. Happily I haven’t suckled on the damnable bottle in 8 and a half years and counting. 

We also talk about the spiritual war unfolding on the planet, the role of psychedelics in the culture and I share some stories from Burning Man. Hope you enjoy, and please follow Sam’s Zero podcast, it’s fantastic.  

The interview with Sam starts at 23:15.

The ep is rounded out with some Carl Sagan, Frank Zappa, Khalil Gibran, and an Outro about skyscrapers that don’t collapse into their own footprints when they’re on fire.

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