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Sonoran Soil Superhighway, Swiss Portals to the Underworld & Volcanic CO2 Emissions

todayAugust 23, 2022 1

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    Sonoran Soil Superhighway, Swiss Portals to the Underworld & Volcanic CO2 Emissions #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my classy Colorado river toads and cackling coatis!

Welcome back to the BNP everyone and thank you for joining! To my patrons: you all are the guava in my chutney and the succulence in my aloe: you are appreciated.

Strap in folks, we got a wild ride this week! Zany audio tidbits? ¡Por supuesto! Delicately seasoned veggies with a rich and nuanced flavor profile? You bet your ass! Topics this week range far and wide and include: thoughts on incorporating movement into our meditation practice, the mushrooms that grow even in the desert (and the underground mycelial mat that connects the flora of the landscape and locks moisture and nutrients in the soil), and the head-scratching implications of the vast under-counting of volcanic CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

As well, I include a recent Yak Fest segment where Dr. Sylvie and I break down the totally bizarre “portal opening ceremony” for the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland in 2016. Folks, we’re talking global elites taking videos of young people rolling around in their undies, people dressed like goats pretending to rut and naked women wearing giant baby masks and hawk’s wings descending from the roof. Need I say more?

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