SUPER STRAIGHT!!! | #ManTools #Podcast #102

Man Tools
Man Tools
SUPER STRAIGHT!!! | #ManTools #Podcast #102

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We had a packed show full of news and events that we couldn’t seem to cover the last few weeks. In the news we covered an entitled mom’s attempt to have “girl only” playtime at a public park, free gender reassignment surgery for the troops, and an anti-mask rally in Idaho. Cool Stuff this week included a basement “video rental store” and a construction themed amusement park . Our Tools of the week ranged from a clever tool for making wood grain on any painted surface to a very “creative” solution to a forgotten mask. Trevor is pissed off this week about #superstraight, #superstraightphobe, and the nonsensical notion that heterosexuals have to date transgendered individuals. In sports we discovered a Russian basketball pro-wrestling hybrid and covered the week’s NHL scores and plays. Finally, this week in His Story we learned about the ides of March, the first presidential impeachment, and the ELECTION of Hitler and the Nazis to power. 

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