Talking with HAYDES and ASAP Imagination — Episode #107

Storytelling with Seth
Storytelling with Seth
Talking with HAYDES and ASAP Imagination — Episode #107

I first heard about HAYDES (P. Hayden) from L.A.Cunningham. When HAYDES and I sat down for a chat we explored the connections between poetry, stand-up, and comics, a shared appreciation of WildStorm’s The Authority, and cost-efficient cosplay. But that was just scratching the surface. 

Hear all about the birth of a comics publisher, ASAP’s connected universe, the chance to publish your comic through NE1 World, and the exciting possibilities behind the newly announced GIG. Visit the link tree below to find out more about the exciting possibilities happening right now. 

Find out more about HAYDES AKA P.A. Hayden

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