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The Fire Does Not Discriminate w/ Neighbor Reinaldo

todayDecember 14, 2022 2

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    The Fire Does Not Discriminate w/ Neighbor Reinaldo #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my frisky fire salamanders and ebullient echidnas

Welcome back to the BNP and thank you for joining! We got a bawling barbarous banger of an ep for ya this week folks!

Joining us in the firelit Barbarian Lair is fan favorite Neighbor Reinaldo, who hops on the mic beneath the S. Phx stars and beside the crackling hardwood to chat about human nature, the pros and cons of ambition, the pitfalls of greed and acquisitiveness, competition vs. cooperation, race relations in the U.S., life in Cuba and many other topics.

I also feature a recent Yak Fest w/ Dr. Sylvie where we discuss some of the unsolved oddities (putting it lightly) related to the Oklahoma City bombing. She also shares a series of illuminating statements by Malcolm X regarding American Liberals doing more damage to the Black community by being duplicitous “foxes” than the outright racist “wolves.”

Also featured is an original segment breaking down the dreamlike qualities and deep symbology of the oldest known piece of written literature, the Epic of Gilgamesh, about the semi-legendary ancient Sumerian King.

For the Outro reading we stay on the Oklahoma City bombing tip and revisit OKC police sergeant Terrance Yeakey, who was first to arrive on the scene after the bombing and rescued many people. He kept saying the official narrative was bunk and was doing his own investigation until he “committed suicide” by stabbing himself dozens of times, wandering hundreds of feet into the woods and then shooting himself in the head. RIP Terrance Yeakey.

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