Todd Smith on Powerful Mindset Shifts

Ask Me How I Know: Multifamily & Mindset
Ask Me How I Know: Multifamily & Mindset
Todd Smith on Powerful Mindset Shifts

Throughout life, there are always lots of problems to navigate, some big some small. You can find yourself asking, How do you eat the elephant?  

Todd’s motto, Take the next best step. Be excellent. Be wise. Be Intentional.

What steps, whether easy or hard, can you take that will continue to lead you in the direction that will best serve your purpose? 

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What started as a (surprisingly plausible) model of a passive solar chalet for a Grade 4 science fair, culminated over many years as the creative work of developing places where people flourish.

Today, as an incremental real estate developer, Todd creates places people love to live and are proud to call home. Humanizing, beautiful places in characterful, green neighborhoods that encourage health and well-being.

He also creates opportunities for the purpose-driven investor to share in the vision of renewing people and places and multiply their resources, stewardship, and impact.

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