Journey With Me Through ADHD: A podcast for kids
Journey With Me Through ADHD: A podcast for kids
What Does My Brain Need?

Our ADHD brains can feel tricky sometimes. There are times where it feels so chaotic up there that a lot of time behavior follows suit and matching the wild ride of our thoughts and emotions. In these moments of mental overwhelm, we need to PRACTICE pausing and asking ourselves, “what does my brain and body need right now!?” 

In this episode, you will start by hearing a joke from my friend, who is also an ADHD warrior! Sometimes your brain needs a little laughter! Next, we will talk about how we can ask ourselves this question and then explore different ways to help our mind and body find it’s calm so that our emotional brain can rest and our thinking brain can help us make better choices with both words and actions! 

As you can contiue to practice the PAUSE, which takes a lot of practice and consistency, I introduce some self talk strategies that will help you get to a better place before reacting to a highly emotional situation! 

PRACTICE…”I will be slow to speak, quick to listen, slow to get angry.” Again, it’s never perfect, but with practice you can improve and become more mindful as you learn and grow through different triggers! 

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We are on this journey together!! Have a great week! You are all loved and appreciated! 

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