Truth Be Told Sports Podcast
Truth Be Told Sports Podcast
Where is Ja?

King Hulie and Hollowpoint bring you this weeks’ edition of the Truth Be Told Sports Podcast. We talk about Ja Morang’s terrible decision making skills and his current situation. We also discuss the NBA and its current product. How it’s both entertaining to watch and bad because of the lack of defense. The NFL free agency period is here and it looks like Carr is now a Saint and Geno gets a “medium bag” with the Seahawks. King Hulie also brings up the ongoing “Greatest Sports Movies of All Time” tournament we are hosting on our Facebook page. With a huge shoutout to the UFC heavyweight champ Jon Jones we wrap another jam packed episode. Check it out! #jamorant #memphis #nba #derekcarr #neworleanssaints #genosmith #xfl #ncaa #marchmadness #truthbetoldsportspodcast

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