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Who is Black Beth ? Al chats with Alec Worley & DANI – Comic Crusaders Podcast #59

todayAugust 17, 2021

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    Who is Black Beth ? Al chats with Alec Worley & DANI - Comic Crusaders Podcast #59 #HeliumRadio

Question for you: who is Black Beth?! A warrior-woman born in anger and forged in rage or a hero long dead? Tune in to this episode to find out more from the fantastic creators themselves.

Come join me as I chat with the creative team behind 2000AD’s Black Beth and The Devils of Al-Kadesh, dynamic duo – respected writer, Alec Worley and world class artist, DANI!

Connect with Alec on Instagram(@mralecworley) and his website at

Connect with Dani on Instagram(@DaniStrips)

In this episode:

[00:01 – 06:14] Welcome Alex and Dani!

  • I welcome Alex Worley and DANI to the show
    • Black Beth and The Devils of Al-kadsh
  • DANI talks about her background with comics
    • Picking up bits and pieces
    • Inspired by X-Men
  • Alec’s venture into comics
    • Starting on British adventure comics
    • Inspired by Slaine: The Horned God

[06:15 – 18:51] Who is Black Beth?

  • The history and background of the character
    • Commissioned in 1976
    • Canned before publication for 10 years
    • Revived back to life for a special
    • About the character and setting
  • How Alec and DANI partnered to bring the character back to life
  • The direction Alec took the story
    • Capturing the wonder while making it current
    • Taking it seriously
  • DANI talks about the beautiful art behind the book
    • Changing with the mood of the story
    • Make every page interesting for yourself
    • Working with Black Beth
  • The direction of the writing
    • Appealing to younger readers as well
    • ‘The Tree’
    • Capturing the vibe from real world inspiration
  • Fallin in love with the art

[18:52 – 30:13] The Future of Black Beth

  • What’s next from Black Beth
  • Dealing with the Pandemic during the creative process
    • DANI’s and Alec’s perspective
  • Alec and DANI talks about what’s coming up for them
  • Upcoming events to look forward to
  • Other collaborations

[30:14 – 36:07] Closing Segment

  • Be sure to get the book!
    • Links below
  • How to connect with Alec and DANI
    • Links below
  • Final words

Resources Mentioned:

 Connect with Alec on Instagram(@mralecworley) and his website at

 Connect with Dani on Instagram(@DaniStrips)

Synopsis: Beth is a warrior-woman born in anger and forged in rage. She and her blind aide Quido have traveled to the wicked city of Shadrivar, in search of the evil witch Anis-Amuun. Many think that she is long dead, but a mage called Estevan believes otherwise. He charges Beth with a quest to destroy the witch, initiating a sea-spanning quest which pits Beth’s curved blade against all manner of mystical creatures – and possibly Anis-Amuun herself!

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