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    Who You Know Matters #HeliumRadio

Join me this week as we explore the dynamic world of networking with guest Trevor Houston, host of the acclaimed ‘Who You Know Show.’ From a troubled childhood to triumph in the automotive sales and financial services industries, Trevor shares his expedited journey of personal growth and professional success. Discover the transformative power of decisive action, being in the right environment, and unwavering accountability. Tune in as we unlock the secrets of building resilient financial futures through the art of networking and discussing topics of adversity, love, and self-improvement. Don’t miss out on invaluable insights, practical tips, and a free resource to jumpstart your career transition journey. Episode Highlights:00:00 Introduction and Networking on Podcasts13:34 The Superpower of Accountability23:22 Burning the Backup Plan and Escaping the Auto Industry30:35 Networking as a Superpower: Making Lives Easier34:54 Career Transitions Summit: Recovering Income and Finding Opportunities
Resources Mentioned:Career Transition SummitJoin us at our next 2X IntensiveJoin the Quantum Revenue Expansion Masterclass
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