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Why Is Rent So Damn High? Plus My Re-Zoning Beef w/ City of Phx

todayNovember 1, 2021 1

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    Why Is Rent So Damn High? Plus My Re-Zoning Beef w/ City of Phx #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my frolic-flecked flamingos and candy-coated witch kittens!

Hope your Samhain-Halloween was lovely y’all! I dressed up as a modern Finnish tietäjä apprentice and sang to Tonantzin, the All-Seeing Jaguar Earth Mother of the Aztlán, which actually comprises much of the modern American Southwest and Mexico.  Samhain is my element, I love it. Moving on…

Thank you
for tuning in to the show, I appreciate every one of you. Shout out to my patrons – y’all are the REM in my sleep and the waveforms in my audio files.

Monday is my new day for uploading the pod because my schedule changed at work, so that is why it is Monday right now while I’m typing this and not Sunday. You know how it is.

This episode is a solo flight across the the landscape of rising rents, rising housing prices and nothing but luxury condoplexes everywhere you could throw a cup (I don’t like the throw a cat term, being a cat it strikes me as uncouth) here, there and everyfuckingwhere. S[ewed on every corner in every major U.S. city, blighting the urban landscape and causing vehicular accidents due to blocking everyone’s view. What gives? Why is this happening? Why are condoplexes such a foundational abomination to the human aesthetic? Tune in to find out. I’ll give you a small hint- it’s because of Capitalism. Capitalism, we hate it don’t we folks?

I also cover my beef with the City of Phoenix over a proposed warehouse complex development inside the special protective zoning for my beloved Rio Salado Riparian Habitat. They want to put a whole other road in too!  This is a very personal beef to me so I share my feelings about it as well as what I’m doing to fight it. The public hearing was an injustice, but I will continue to fight these assholes tooth and nail. And I’ll keep my BNP tribe posted. 

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