Why You Need To Start Journaling TODAY with Tiana from The Torch Podcast

Quit Your Damn Job
Quit Your Damn Job
Why You Need To Start Journaling TODAY with Tiana from The Torch Podcast

Journaling is ONE THING that can make your whole life change. Sounds a bit dramatic, but I’m serious. Take the words you’re thinking in your brain, and pour them out onto a piece of paper. That paper isn’t going to judge you. I was inspired by Tiana’s podcast about morning routine, it’s lead me onto a new path and I am so thrilled that she took the time to chat with me.
Tiana is such an awesome human. All she wants to do is provide value to people and help them succeed. What she stands for IS incredible. DIRECTLY from her website, “Torch Podcast is about leadership. Wait. I’m not just talking about work “stuff”. I’m talking about a deeper sense of leadership as in how you lead yourself. I believe that how you lead yourself is how you lead everything in your life, which goes on to affect the world around you and how you experience it.

It’s about leading a team, yourself, your family and community. Torch Podcast is about finding your strengths and moving past fears to conquer your dreams. It’s your resource to learn how to expand your potential, spark your inner drive, and find your voice from the professional and personal experiences”
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Find Torch Podcast at TorchPodcast.com also on Instagram @TorchPodcast

My name is McCall Taylor, I quit my job at a bank to chase my dream of being on the radio. And I have NEVER looked back. The amount of fulfillment I feel EVERY DAY is so unreal. There are so many days we spend wondering if living in misery and anger is the only way to live.. It’s not.

Please tell me what it is YOU want to do, please DO NOT doubt what you are capable of.

Chase your damn dreams.

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