YH23-10. Muneeza Ahmed, The Muneeza Method®

Self Discovery Media Community
Self Discovery Media Community
YH23-10. Muneeza Ahmed, The Muneeza Method®

My name is Muneeza Ahmed and I am the Intuitive Medicine Woman®.

And I believe that no matter where you are with your symptoms, what you are up against in life, no matter what your doctor has told you, you CAN heal. I help women 18 – 80 years old reverse chronic illness and autoimmune symptoms with medical intuition, food, and supplements. For the past 15 years, I have helped over 9000 people, , just like the women in your audience, reverse chronic and autoimmune symptoms.   Most of them came to me dealing with debilitating symptoms, not having a clear plan from their doctor, and floundering to figure it out. And after using the principles I teach, they then had the plan to get better; they were no longer floundering, they had solid footing, and they felt better than they had in years.


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