Men’s Mental Health Deep Discussion YAL Deeper Dive Ep 89 (Trigger warning in video)

todayNovember 17, 2022

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Week 89 of the You A Lie Podcast is an instant classic with special return guest Vincent Dean, @viifivehunnid on ig, in on the action we have a really insightful and revealing conversation on Michael Beasley and Men’s Mental health from the perspective of 5 young men of color in america, with personal experiences and heavy subject matter and packed with YAL energy!!
Its a wild ride and a good time and we hope you come along for the entirety of the journey and share your thoughts in the comments below!
We want to break the false narrative that men arent allowed to or arent masculine for discussing or expressing their feelings and emotions and struggles in a healthy environment of acceptance and relatability among brothers and friends.
As young men we are never taught to focus on mental health and for centuries we have seen the results of not addressing or acknowledging the need for healthy outlets and spaces to express emotions other than anger violence or joy.
we hope you will engage and share stories or struggles with us as we continue to be our authentic selves to you guys!

Original Michael Beasley interview :

YAL Ep. 89 full episode:

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