[vc_row qt_container=”true”][vc_column][qt-spacer size=”l”][vc_column_text]Helium Radio Network (HRN) has been an industry disruptor for over a decade, and we’ve worked with thousands of podcasters, small businesses, and national brands. We have advertising options for all businesses on any of our six channels with shows ranging from family-friendly, educational, entertaining, and informative to explicit and mature content.


Since 2010, we’ve successfully and effectively been able to help thousands of advertisers, increasing their exposure to an ever-growing number of audiences. In 2020 alone, we had over 7 million unique visitors come through our website, with hundreds of thousands of downloads monthly.  In 2021 we have seen listenership explode exponentially averaging 2 million visitors a month.


With Helium Radio Network you can always expect to receive:


Professional production — Customized commercials with experienced voice talent professionals. If you prefer to record yourself, our team can assist you with your production.


Affordable advertising — We connect talented business owners with willing consumers. We offer flexible plans that meet most budgets and work closely with you during the campaign.


* Graphic Design and Voice Over Services are available for a fee of $99.00 each.

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