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Written by on November 1, 2017

Every year, thousands upon thousands of people and vendors from across the country journey to Miami for the annual Miami Book Fair. It is, in fact, one of the largest book fairs in the entire country. 1984 marked the fair’s first official year and it has been growing ever since. The fair sets up shop on the Miami Dade College campus and runs for 8 days every November. As an invite-only event to authors, hundreds of authors ascend on the event each year. Many of those several hundred authors are interviewed and interviewed multiple times. Speaking of interviews …

Life Improvement Radio’s Annual Coverage

Since 2011, Life Improvement Radio has covered the event in both live and remote circumstances. Most notably, Neil Haley, show host of the Total Tutor Network and his assistant Peter Elvidge, interview at least 50 authors each year. It’s a rush to fit in as many people as possible. On our Miami Book Fair podcasts in past years, Neil has often commented how he wants to go for records and keep the non-stop interviews coming. Interviews usually run 8 to 15 minutes covering the author, their backstory, the current work they’re promoting and the future of their career. Each person has completed something or some piece of work that is interesting. Often, the details shared about they got started is very intriguing. Therefore, every interview is worth a listen!

Last year, author Katharine McGee shared her story about her book titled The Thousandth Floor. We found the story about how she got started as a writer by working for a publisher just as interesting as the fictional novel that takes place in Manhattan in 2118 around a 1,000 floor-tall skyscraper.

The 2017 Miami Book Fair

This year, 500 authors will be in attendance in order to read from, sign and talk books across all genres. By attending this year, you’ll be exposed to a panel discussion as well as info sessions for children, teens, and adults. At the top of their schedule page online, they discuss food and cookbooks. If that doesn’t draw you in to buy tickets and see dishes being made from a cookbook, we might worry about you. When we traveled to South Florida in past years for live interviews, the famous street fair was astonishing. Tickets are on sale now! The fair is coming up! Here’s a map from their site to give readers an idea of the size of the fair:

Visit the Miami Book Fair website to get the full run-down on the events!

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