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There’s no place like the top! Looking down on all the re-branding work we completed, we are very happy with the results. We launched a new radio network across the globe. If we can launch a new network with a plethora of stations, you too can launch yourself!

Join our crew of radio show hosts. We’re making it easier than ever to podcast! We have several options for you to make your voice heard. If you want your own radio station, you’ve got it! You can provide as little or as much content as you’d like, within reasoning.

When you begin podcasting, you can rest assured you’ll reach a widespread audience. Our capabilities are endless. Browse our new website while the radio plays in the background. Taking the subway into the city for work or driving from the suburbs to the office? Our on-demand mobile app has you covered. The latest features we’ve added even allow you to fall asleep to Internet radio and wake up to it the following morning.

If radio is a new medium to you for podcasting or marketing, you can feel confident in hosting with Helium Radio Network. We can provide basic training and marketing support to further expand your reach. Our team has promoted people of all types to the airwaves and digital landscape for the past decade. Some of our internet radio show hosts started their career with us. Others have come to us after a frustrating experience with DIY platforms. A handful of hosts have migrated from other platforms such as Blog Talk and Tan Talk for a better experience.

Our radio packages for show broadcasting are often more cost effective than services from our competitors. You can view our available options on our pricing page. To keep it brief, we can broadcast your show whether it’s a live show, live remote show, pre-recorded show or a syndicated show. By syndicating with us, your show will be distributed across our international network of internet radio stations and social media platforms.

In terms of support, we have massive amounts of storage available. You can store your previous library of shows on our server and our new website for a nominal fee.

2014 was the breakout year for audio and podcasting. 2015 and 2016 saw a slight decline. Now in 2017, audio content is raging! More and more industry experts are turning to the airwaves to reach new audiences and so should you. Follow in their footsteps to be heard.

Affordability is one of the biggest advantages to podcasting. Whether you recorded yourself or pre-recorded with Helium, broadcasting for a month would still cost you less than your cable bill! Are you ready to have your voice heard? Helium Radio Network can make you famous!


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