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The Mad Men of Masculinity, Your Home For Healthy Masculinity! We are just two guys who are passionate about Men's Issues, Healthy Masculinity and Helping to Heal Men in the World today. We cover the 5 Pillars of Manhood: Money, Health, Women, Mindset, Sex; and so much more. Join us in this most needed conversation to promote healthy masculinity for both men, women, children, families and the world. You can […]

Kirk is a published author of For Your Eyes Only: The Inside Scoop About Men, Porn, and Marriage & author and curator of Seven Secrets of Modern Dating: The HE SAID, SHE SAID Guide for Getting from Single to Spouse. Seven Secrets of Modern Dating is an Amazon #1 Best-Seller in seven categories! He has been teaching and coaching men and women since 2014. Kirk was an award-winning speaker in Toastmasters Int’l. As a radio personality, he has been a part of numerous podcasts, the Corner Café Radio, and The Real Traci Rock Show. Kirk is also on the Advisory Council for BeMen and board of Step Seven Ministries.

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