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Podcast vs. Radio Advertising. Which Is The Better Option?

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How can you use podcasts and radio as part of your media strategy to achieve remarkable results? Is it better to utilize both or just one at a time? Which types of viewers prefer live or pre-recorded programming?

While there are some similarities, each media should be considered a separate entity to obtain the most outstanding results from your ad campaign. Continue reading to learn how to use audio adverts to your advantage.

Is Podcasting the New Radio?

Podcast advertising was not routinely included in traditional or digital advertising budgets only five years ago. Today, podcast advertising is one of the fastest-growing formats, with 36 percent of agencies citing it as a substantial or regular business component.

Podcasts have developed a new method to consume audio material that entails choosing the content piece you want to hear, similar to how streaming services like Netflix have disrupted linear television. This signals a departure from passively listening to whatever a radio station is broadcasting live. The audience is more likely to be interested and attentive since they actively sought and picked the material they want to read.

Moreover, podcasts feature a regular host, an audio-driven conversational style, and a recognizable format, which they have inherited from radio (and also audiobooks). On the other hand, Podcasts have developed their platform, resulting in a new form of communication and engagement.

Podcast vs. Radio

Podcasts, unlike radio, are intended around evergreen material. Podcasts have the advantage of engaging listeners from the beginning and keeping them engaged until the very end.

Radio is organized differently since listeners tune in and out at different times. This means that ad frequency on the radio should be increased to guarantee that the message reaches the intended population.

Mass Appeal vs. Niche

The goal of radio is to appeal to the public. Some stations cater to a younger audience while others cater to an older demographic, but they all strive to keep huge listeners engaged for as long as possible.

On the other hand, podcasts are more focused and examine specific themes. This affects the audience. Unlike radio, which attracts many people from all demographics due to its wide range of accessible themes and digestible background noise, podcasts draw a smaller but more engaged audience, giving you more opportunities to identify your objectives.

In terms of media planning, the two mediums are not mutually exclusive. Brands have successfully reached a broad audience through radio and targeting a specific demographic through specialized podcasts.

Opt-In vs. Live Broadcast

Another difference between radio and podcasts is that most radio is broadcast live, whereas podcasts are recorded beforehand. For advertisers, each style has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Live content allows you to join in on the current debate grabbing the nation’s interest, such as the latest epidemic news or a sporting event. However, this implies that the material is only applicable for the day (or week) in which it was published.

Some radio stations will modify their broadcasts online for later consumption, eliminating the immediate relevance, but the majority of listening will take place in real-time. Advertisers will be able to get into the pulse of the moment.


Both podcast and radio advertising are effective tools to execute your strategies, depending on your target audience and the context of the ad message. After all, dynamically placed advertising allows advertisers to target specific audiences at certain times and in specific areas or demographics. A network of radio and podcast channels helps them do that.

Helium Radio Network is a network of radio channels catered explicitly towards a wide variety of audiences and themes. We have podcast and radio advertising options for all businesses on any of our six channels. Contact us and select your Helium Radio Network ad package today!

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