238 – 8 Tips to reduce Overwhelm & Stress when Exhibit Planning

todayNovember 20, 2023 2

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    238 - 8 Tips to reduce Overwhelm & Stress when Exhibit Planning #HeliumRadio

Do you experience overwhelm and stress when planning for trade shows? Or maybe you are planning for your very first trade show and you can’t believe the amount of work it is?You are not alone and I created this episode just for you! Today I am going to share with you 8 tips to help Exhibitors take the overwhelm out of your trade show and event planning! 1. Utilize the show contact. Have your show contact walk you through all you need to know so you don’t get stuck piling through volumes of pages that are not relevant to you.2. Dedicate a block of time to get it done. These shows are complex and have a million details. If you try to just do a little here and there, you will constantly be spending time trying to figure out what’s been done. 3. Simplify. Don’t overdo it. If you have a lot on your plate and feeling overwhelmed, make things simple for yourself. 4. Double check your deadlines and prioritize. Understand all the important dates you need to get things done, and get them on your calendar. Clarity and planning will give you some peace. 5. Create a checklist of everything you need for events, then pull it up for your next show. 6. Don’t recreate the wheel! Unless you have had some major changes, reuse your banners, backdrops, display pieces, and even marketing materials. 7. Delegate! Figure out all that needs to get done and then divvy up responsibilities. 8. Contact the show producer and schedule a call with them to go over everything you are submitting. Give yourself peace of mind.
NOW…you can breathe!
Which of these did you find helpful that you’re going to try? What other ideas do you have to reduce stress and overwhelm? Drop them in the comments!
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