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#30: Alexander Wurzer – The Digital Shift: Navigating the Complex World of Digital Patents

todayDecember 20, 2020 4

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    #30: Alexander Wurzer - The Digital Shift: Navigating the Complex World of Digital Patents #HeliumRadio

In the age of Industry 4.0, as businesses pivot towards digitization, the landscape of intellectual property rights is evolving rapidly. How can companies stay ahead in this game of digital patents?

Dive into this episode to uncover:

  • The challenges and intricacies of patenting digital business models.
  • The shift from traditional patent perspectives to a software-driven economy.
  • The role of intellectual property in safeguarding and innovating digital business strategies.

 About Prof. Alexander Wurzer:
A renowned expert in the field of intellectual property, Prof. Alexander Wurzer delves deep into the complexities of digital patents. With extensive experience and insights, he sheds light on the changing dynamics of the digital age and its implications on business models and strategies.

Key Quotes:
(04:14) “Europe is not really represented in patent applications for digital fields.”
(18:03) “It’s not about reality; it’s a game. As long as you fulfill the legal provisions, you’ll get your patent.”
(32:00) “Only ownership gives me the right to motivate a third party to use that estate.”
(49:15) “As soon as you explain the implementation, it transitions from an idea to something patentable.”
(1:03:58) “This person should fall in love with your idea and passionately fight for it.”
(1:27:43) “When you are natural born in the cloud, you write different patents and use the patent in a totally different way like you make software; you understand the concepts, the architecture, the implementation.”

(0:12) Exploring the Patentability of Digital Business Models
(1:25) The Evolution of Digital Patent Perspectives
(4:14) The Reality of Patenting Digital Business Models in Europe
(14:55) Technological Knowledge vs. Real-World Application
(18:03) The Game of Patents: Reality vs. Possibility
(25:00) Leveraging Patents in the Digital Age
(30:49) The Misunderstanding of Open Source and Patents
(34:06) The Intricacies of Digital Business Models and Patents
(42:49) Why Global Companies Enforce Digital Patents in Germany
(46:39) Formulating Technical Solutions in Patents
(49:15) The Fine Line Between Ideas and Patentable Implementations
(57:54) Starting with Business Cornerstones for Patenting
(1:02:22) The Essence of Combining Life Science and Digital Expertise
(1:03:22) Emotional Connection: The Key to Patent Success
(1:07:41) Strategies Behind Patenting: Be

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