309: Season 3 Wrap Up

Burntout to Badass
Burntout to Badass
309: Season 3 Wrap Up

After years and years of work, I can finally say that I’ve reached the pinnacle of my recovery from burnout. Would I say that I’m fully recovered from burnout? Not quite…

Recovery is a continuous process, not a one-time event. We will never be fully recovered because recovery has no endpoint. This applies in a big way to people who are recovering from addiction, and for those of us recovering from burnout – it translates perfectly.

The urge may come to slip back into old ways. To work, grind, push and handle the job, house, and kids while staying up late, getting up early, skipping meals, and neglecting our own needs to make sure the tasks get checked off.

The important thing to remember when we find ourselves looking in the face of old habits is to take a step back and trust ourselves. Trust yourself to make good decisions and trust your future self to get you through the tough times that wait down the road. 

Prioritizing rest and self-care are key components to recovering from burnout and challenging the guilt that lurks beneath the surface of putting yourself first is a battle that will be ongoing, but worth it in the end.

Listen as I wrap-up on season three of the Burnout to Badass Podcast. It is full of encouragement and warm fuzzies to keep you on the right track in your burnout recovery.


“Enough is a decision.” Dr. Errin Weisman


In this episode:

[00:17] Welcome to the wrapup episode for season 3!

[01:54] Where I am in my recovery from burnout.

[02:56] Recovery has no end point.

[04:13] My words of encouragement to my coaching clients are the same ones I use with my patients.

[04:57] The work of recovery will continue throughout the rest of our lives and evolve with us.

[05:47] Normalize your recovery

[07:26] Take the next best step for you.

[08:29] What do we do when burnout creeps back in?

[09:44] Identifying the messages behind the guilt we sometimes feel for putting ourselves first.

[11:52] You are the author of your own recovery plan with your very own support group.

[12:36] Parting words that challenge social norms.

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