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431: Reboot Showcase – Doctor Me First, Featuring Errin Weisman, DO

todayNovember 6, 2023

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    431: Reboot Showcase - Doctor Me First, Featuring Errin Weisman, DO #HeliumRadio

Welcome to the Doctor Me First Reboot Showcase where we are spotlighting the amazing podcasts and podcasters who have interviewed ME. Over the next several months we will be sprinkling in interviews I’ve done on other shows to highlight other amazing podcasts. This episode is from the Changing The Power of the Purse podcast. Today on  Power of the Purse, I’m talking to Errin Weisman, DO, a life coach, podcaster, and fierce wellness advocate who helps inspire female physicians and working moms to do the work they love and absolutely love life. She reminds us that change is possible; the goal is to have a joyful and sustainable career.  In this breathtaking episode, Errin Weisman, DO reveals how she lost herself in the process of becoming a doctor. After experiencing burnout, Errin realized that she was a completely different person. She used to love going to the library and reading. However, it had been seven years since Errin read a book for pleasure. To be a good doctor, Errin knew that she needed to be herself. So, Errin stepped back and found a life coaching program. Tune in as Errin explains how one-on-one coaching helped transform her entire life and why she is no longer practicing medicine.  Join us for an inspiring and empowering episode that will give you the confidence to seek more knowledge about your finances. Ladies, we have the power of the purse, so let’s use it!  In This Episode you will hear:  [03:55] Errin reveals the moment where she realized that the healthcare system is no longer serving her [16:20] Don’t wait; be a happy mom right now – Errin explains how to do this [21:30] How to figure out what your perfect life looks like [27:35] About Errin’s money mindset [32:10] The most influential women in Errin’s life Takeaways:  

  • There’s no more time for being miserable, hopeless, or feeling helpless. 
  • Navigating burnout starts with awareness.
  • We should give our children the happiest versions of ourselves.
  • Find out what your perfect life consists of; that way, you know which direction you need to go. 


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