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#7 – (06/17/18) Causes for Bad Breath, Swallowing Your Tooth.. – YouTube

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    #7 - (06/17/18) Causes for Bad Breath, Swallowing Your Tooth.. - YouTube #HeliumRadio

 .MP3 Audio episode #7 – of YouTube Channel:  Benja Welldone Comedy, playlist, “Waiting For The World”, 

Hi Everyone, I’m Benja (short for Benjamin) Welldone. // To Follow my Path, Add me & I’ll add you Back, Instagram: @BenjaWelldone//Twitter: @BenjaWelldone/  FB: Benja Welldone. 

This show Will Display My RISE in Comedy, Writing & Acting. I’m an Army veteran, college graduate, husband, world traveled & full-time worker so I have life experience but this is bigger than me, it’s about my passions; Comedy 1st and Above All, Then Writing – which goes with the Comedy (plus some film-scripts), & Acting – Also Goes with the Comedy, because I can but not Always Act Out my jokes doing storytelling, but this is also a reference to me One Day Acting in Film. This channel will be about me, hosting a world of rants, Q&A from relationship advice to general life advice whenever that might happen, and Again Above All **STAND-UP COMEDY”. I’ll be displaying from the beginning all of my triumphs, life frustrations, rejections, triumphs again and life, all in a humorous way. I accept all haters, lovers, questions, and comments. Once a week I will pick the best questions whenever I finally get subscribers or comments and I’ll try to answer them to my best ability but be warned, I am very sarcastic and may give you some genuine good advice or some shit advice that would just be funny however I will let you know which it is or I’m sure you will be able to tell by the sound of my voice. Have a great life and I hope to get to know you all personally. Seriously, I do. – Benja Welldone, iNSTA: @BenjaWelldone Facebook: Benja Welldone/ E-mail: [email protected] 

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Benja Welldone Comedy Show

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