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A Whole New Look At Overall Health and Inner Peace with Udo Erasmus

todayFebruary 13, 2024 7

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    A Whole New Look At Overall Health and Inner Peace with Udo Erasmus #HeliumRadio

When was the last time you paid attention to your heartaches? 
Today, I’m joined by the extraordinary Udo Erasmus to uncover some of his best-kept secrets about soul, body, and mind healing through proper nutrition and mindfulness. Udo is an 81-year young soul born during WW2 in Poland, who found in knowing things the feeling of safety the world denied him since day one. Udo has virtually been everywhere and done everything, from fruit picking to babysitting pickled fish, singing in a choir, starting a nude beach, and hitchhiking from Toronto to Vancouver with zero dollars in his pockets. 
His passion for learning things and understanding how they work took him through several paths, yet after getting poisoned by pesticides in the ’80s, he drew all that passion into health. He developed the first ever flax seed oil, several whole, healthy foods for dogs, cats, and horses, and a blend better balanced and more effective than flax oil. He also developed prebiotic fiber and green blends, wrote several books on the effects of oils on health, and gave over 5000 live presentations and thousands of media interviews and staff training in over 30+ countries. 
Throughout our conversation, Udo shared his thoughts on pursuing harmony in life, the origin of all harm, and self-healing. He explains the origin of his passion for understanding how things work and how that passion led him to his ground-breaking work with oils. Udo also explains God’s presence in our bodies, heartaches’ transformational power, shares details of the divine interaction that changed his life forever, and much more.
Tune in to Episode 200 of Uncover Your Magic and open your mind to a whole new way of understanding your physical, mental, and spiritual health.
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Udo’s childhood and upbringing (13:20)
  • Why Udo left the University even without knowing what he was after (21:50)
  • Udo explains God’s presence in our bodies (27:00)
  • The origin of all damage in the world (36:10)
  • Don’t depend on things that end (45:20)
  • Udo shares tips and advice on proper nutrition (52:10)
  • What it looks like to live in nature with your nature (1:06:00)
  • Udo talks about the divine interaction that transformed his life (1:12:20)

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