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Al chats with Rod Jenkins / Kiss Me Comix – Comic Crusaders Podcast #67

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    Al chats with Rod Jenkins / Kiss Me Comix – Comic Crusaders Podcast #67 #HeliumRadio

From collector to creator, Rod Jenkins took his love for comics and decided it was time to go off and create his own. Today he is the successful publisher and creator of Kiss ME Comix along with his wife as a Dynamic Duo.

Dive in and hang out with me and Rod, Publisher/Creator of Kiss ME Comix! Learn all about the characters of this indie comic book universe; titles like Serenade, Bountyhunter, and Excessive Force, and the journey he took to get here.

In this episode:

[00:01 – 06:04] Comics Saved Our Lives

  • I welcome Rod Jenkins
    • Kiss ME Comix
  • Rod talks about his start into comic books and his inspiration
    • Originally from Chicago
    • The journey getting into the fandom
      • Comic book vending machines!
    • Starting on ‘Journey into Mystery’ and Thor

[06:05 – 22:23] A Look into the Kiss Me Comix Universe

  • Going from collector to creator
    • Meeting his artist wife and making a business
    • Inspired by Champions
    • The process of getting the first book together
    • ‘Serenade’ created within 6 weeks
  • Rod talks about getting set up
    • Coming to a convention with 20 copies
    • Building a physical store
    • ‘The stamp of approval’
  • We take a look at the different titles and how they were created
    • ‘Bounty Hunter’
    • How to shop through the collection
      • Links below
    • Breakdown of the art creation
    • ‘Excessive Force’ – voted in by fans
    • Get the origin video synopsis
      • Links below

[22:24 – 29:13] The Real Story Behind Serenade

  • Rod talks about their Flagship Title: Serenade
    • All done by water color
    • The MC – half black half Korean
    • From a monster to a vigilante
    • More info about the MC and other characters
    • How to get into the story
    • Other materials you can get
  • Creating material for POC
    • Navigating the challenge of being independent

[29:14 – 38:27] Closing Segment

  • What is the future for Kiss ME Comix
    • Moving towards animation
    • Looking to partner with Blender or Unity
    • Getting to fashion and other mediums
  • Lessons learned and Rod’s advice for other creators
    • Keep an open mind
    • Do not wait for the perfect moment
    • Get yourself a thick skin and keep going
    • Work with mentors and leaders
  • How to connect Rod and support Kiss ME Comix
    • Links below
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“For us that’s the main thing: keeping our people engaged. We DO NOT insult our readers.” – Rod Jenkins

“People of color CAN be creative, and take their creativity to the highest level – and that’s where we want to take it.” – Rod Jenkins


“Do not wait for the perfect moment, because it will never come. If you think you’re ready to jump, then jump. Be prepared for the lumps, bumps, and bruises.” – Rod Jenkins

Resources Mentioned:


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