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Andrew Johnson sharing Wisdom on “The 3-13: Men Money and Marriage” (Which 2 does the Sherpa screw up?)

todaySeptember 6, 2023 5

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    Andrew Johnson sharing Wisdom on "The 3-13: Men Money and Marriage" (Which 2 does the Sherpa screw up?) #HeliumRadio

Another guest from the Wisdom app, you say? Yesiree, Bob! (Although I don’t know who Bob is, but I know he’s not my uncle, you there in the U.K.) This interview was borne from an absolutely fascinating conversation on the Wisdom app (which you can participate or listen in on),which we got to continue here. Andrew’s podcast is a straightforward, honest, analysis of manhood, and what it truly entails in regard to relationships. It’s powerful stuff, and real food for thought. Now, what other podcast brings you that? (Nope, wasn’t fishing for compliments…) Thanks so much for coming on the show, Andrew! Andrew’s Info: Website: instagram: @the313menmoneyandmarriage Andrew’s Faves: Bogleheads on Investing, The Money Guys Podcast, A Marriage That Works These are the podcasts featured in “Sherpa Samples”

  1. The Journal
  2. Part of The Problem
  3. Old Gods of Appalachia
  4. The Bible Recap
  5. Unexplainable
  6. Swindled
  7. Rooster Teeth Podcast
  8. American History Hit
  9. Stuff The British Stole
  10. Strike Force Five
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Too Many Podcasts!

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