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Banish Your Limiting Beliefs and Awaken Your Self-Healing Skills with RJ Spina

todaySeptember 12, 2023 6

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    Banish Your Limiting Beliefs and Awaken Your Self-Healing Skills with RJ Spina #HeliumRadio

Do you know what happens when you unify desire and intention with the self, even in a relaxed state? You vibrate so high that your physical reality has no choice but to start matching that. 
In today’s episode, I’m joined by, for lack of a better word, a magic being, RJ Spina, to talk about self-healing, reincarnation, Ascended Masters, visualization and manifestation, and more. RJ is a Metaphysical Teacher, Healer, and Author, a generous spiritual guide, and the protagonist of a miraculous/magical self-healing story. 
Throughout this episode, you’ll hear RJ’s incredible self-healing story, how he took himself from being paralyzed from the chest down to walking out of ICU in less than 100 days. RJ also talks about the purpose of reincarnation, explains genetics from his “bizarre” perspective, and how he managed to get rid of his limiting beliefs. 
Additionally, you’ll learn how to banish doubt from your life, the true meaning of the phrase “we are created in God’s image,” RJ explains the difference between dimension and frequency, and much, much more. 
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • RJ talks about how he discovered his gifts unique (11:00)
  • The moment RJ “remembered what was going to happen” (15:10)
  • April 23rd, 2016, the day life changed for RJ (19:20)
  • The whole point of reincarnation is not coming back again (24:00)
  • RJ talks about what was going through his mind during those 100 days in ICU (34:10)
  • What does doubt look like metaphysically (37:00)
  • RJ explains the differences between dimension and frequency (41:40)
  • Why 2023 has everything to be a fantastic year (52:40)

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Keywords: Self-Healing – Visualization and Manifestation – Ascend the Frequencies
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