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Becoming a Medium (with Deb Sheppard)

todaySeptember 27, 2023 4

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    Becoming a Medium (with Deb Sheppard) #HeliumRadio

Acclaimed psychic medium, spiritual teacher and best-selling author Deb Sheppard is back on A Psychic’s Story. This time, Deb talks about becoming a medium.

While some people are open to the concept that we are all born with intuitive abilities, there is much debate in the spiritual community about whether everyone is or can become a medium.

Listen in as Deb and Nichole talk about the differences between psychics and mediums, what the experience is like as a medium, how to set energetic boundaries, ways you can develop or strengthen the mediumship muscle, and ethical issues. They also share messages of hope, comfort, and healing.

ICYMI when Deb was originally on the podcast back in 2021, check out “Episode 38: Intuitive Dream Interpretation.”

Watch Deb’s show Grieving to Believing: A Medium’s Mission to Bring Parent’s Peace on YouTube here, or grab her book with the same title here. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

We are currently looking for true stories for Halloween and the holidays for the October 5 and December 7, 2023, Listener Episodes, respectively. Your submission could possibly be included in a future episode of the show.

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This podcast is intended to inspire you on your personal journey toward inner peace. The podcast host, co-hosts or guests are not psychologists or medical doctors and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from any psychological or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional.

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