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Bonus Episode: What is Fear? (with Emma Andrews)

todayFebruary 2, 2023 6

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    Bonus Episode: What is Fear? (with Emma Andrews) #HeliumRadio

In this bonus episode of A Psychic’s Story, Emma Andrews, psychic intuitive and energy healer, is back to talk about fear. Emma and Nichole present the idea that fear is not a part of us. We do not bring it with us to Earth – it is created in the mind. Fear is a natural part of our human existence and we do not have to shy away from it. To overcome it, we should embrace and be curious about it in order and use it as a tool to grow and expand.

The discussion of psychic scammers is also brought up – how to identify imposters, what the red flags are, and what to do if you are approached by one. 

Emma is beginning her nine-week intuitive development online course, The Intuitive Method, starting February 6th (Mondays, 7:00-8:00 PM ET). She is offering a $100 discount for A Psychic’s Story podcast listeners. Use the discount code: psychicstory.

If you missed the prior interview with Emma, go back and check out episode 90 – Home Screen Meditation. For more information about Emma or to book a session, visit her website

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