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Building Real Wealth for a Secure Future ft. Massive Passive Cashflow Podcast with Gary Wilson

todayNovember 15, 2023

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Ever wondered how to turn your profession into a pathway to prosperity?   In this episode, Felecia shares her journey from the medical world to real estate investing with Gary Wilson, host of the Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast. Discover how she overcame market crashes, mastered the art of money, and is now revolutionizing investment connections through real estate syndication.   Join us as we delve into the vital role of multiple income streams for medical professionals, the power of face-to-face networking, and the game-changing fusion of technology and social impact investing.    Stay tuned for insights on the evolving medical landscape, securing financial resilience, and the key to creating wealth that outlasts you. 

00:00 – Dr. Felecia Froe: Physician, Real Estate Investor, and Syndication Expert 06:28 – Hard Work and Perseverance are Essential to Success 08:46 – How Physicians’ Can Diversify Their Income 12:23 – Physicians’ Investment Obstacles 15:23 – Understanding Social Impact Investing 21:01 – The Impact of AI on the Medical Field 28:04 – Making Money with a Side Hustle 40:42 – Closing Segment 

Resources Mentioned Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable 1 Box CashFlow 101 Rich Dad Poor Dad Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast host Gary Wilson   Connect with Gary! LinkedIn: Facebook: Website:   Be the Boss of Your Own Money and Own Your Future. Connect with us and Discover Investment Strategies Designed to make a Difference. Website: Linkedin:     Quote:     “Real estate investment may be the doorway, but it’s the profound lessons in money, assets, and liabilities that truly open the path to financial enlightenment.” –  Felecia Froe   “It’s that hard work and perseverance that really get you where you want to go.” –  Felecia Froe  

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