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Christian Yordanov | Psychoanalyzing the Psychos | Who Hurt You, Bro?

todayFebruary 20, 2024 19

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    Christian Yordanov | Psychoanalyzing the Psychos | Who Hurt You, Bro? #HeliumRadio

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This episode I’m very pleased to welcome back the inimitable and insightful Christian Yordanov. It’s always a joy to chat with this man, and in this conversation we at least attempt for a lighter tone, poking fun at some of the main ghoulish NWO globalist architects such as Clowns Schwab, Mole-Rat Harari, Shrill Billy Gates and more, and asking the question: who hurt you, bro? Join for a rollicking psychoanalysis of the psychos, as we explore possibilities of what could have happened to traumatize these gremlins into becoming the monsters they are today.   

Christian Yordanov is an author and certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner who helps people of all ages restore and optimize their health, and increase their performance and longevity. 

His latest book, How to Actually Live Longer, Vol. 1, is the first in his series on slowing the ageing process and increasing longevity. Get your copy here! I’m currently reading mine and loving the useful, practical and helpful info.

Christian also hosts two podcasts: Connecting Minds and Children’s Health Podcast.

Find all things Christian Yordanov at:

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