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Comic Crusaders Podcast – Matt Bors & Ben Clarkson #340

todayOctober 2, 2023 9

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    Comic Crusaders Podcast – Matt Bors & Ben Clarkson #340 #HeliumRadio

Today, Al chats with Matt Bors, the founder of The Nib and a renowned political cartoonist, as well as Ben Clarkson, a highly regarded filmmaker and illustrator whose works have been featured on Adult Swim and Vice Noisey. Together, they have joined forces to create JUSTICE WARRIORS! Stay tuned to discover more about this exciting book from Ahoy Comic Mags and much more.

Folllow the team on Twitter at: @MattBors | @BenClarkson Pick up the book now at your favorite LCS, book store, online shop and more….

Justice Warriors Synopsis:

The acclaimed dystopian satire, co-created by Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors, takes us to Bubble City, the world’s first flawless metropolis. Within its protective shell thrives a bustling and harmonious community, free from crime and rich in equality and diversity. However, just beyond the Bubble, lies the Uninhabited Zone—an overcrowded slum where the mutant population resides.

When his partner is tragically killed by a self-driving bus, the seasoned Swamp Cop of Bubble City finds himself paired with the rookie Schitt. Overwhelmed by cynicism and haunted by PTSD-induced hallucinations of his deceased partner, Swamp Cop becomes fixated on capturing or eliminating the bus. He is determined to prove to the naive Schitt that enforcing the law in the Uninhabited Zone requires bending every rule in the book.

Episode 340 in an unlimited series!

Host: Al Mega Follow on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook): @TheRealAlMega / @ComicCrusaders

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