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Contacting Your Higher Self: A Journey to Angelic Guidance with Anne Tucker

todayNovember 14, 2023 7

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    Contacting Your Higher Self: A Journey to Angelic Guidance with Anne Tucker #HeliumRadio

How connected do you feel with your higher self? We all can communicate with them and receive their messages and guidance. Would you like to learn how? 
In today’s episode, I invite you to know another beautiful soul I immediately connected with, Anne Tucker. Anne is a Trans Channel, Bussiness Coach, Healer, and Author of “Undoubtedly Awesome: Your Own Personal Roadmap from Doubt To Flow,” an excellent book that guides its readers into a fulfilling, doubt-free life. Anne honed his ability to enter the angelic realm where angels talk directly through her and, using angelic guidance and vibrational healing, prepares people for the upcoming planetary shift in consciousness. 
Throughout this episode, you’ll hear about Anne’s awakening, from her traditional upbringing and successful corporate life at Microsoft to paying close attention to the voices that always guided her in every major decision. You’ll also hear about Anne’s healing abilities awakening, her extraordinary experiences looking through other people’s eyes, pre-birth planning, and how her relationship with the divine evolved through the years.  
Additionally, Anne talks about the Unity, the seven types of souls, explains the concept of “angels are messengers” work, how angels understand different lifetimes, shares a bit about her latest healing program, Soul Convergence, and more. 
Tune in to Episode 187 of Uncover Your Magic and open your eyes to your angelic guidance’s trail of breadcrumbs. 
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Anne’s traditional upbringing and virtually non-existent religious background (13:10)
  • The moment Anne realized her mind was expanding (19:00)
  • How can we understand pre-birth planning (25:20)
  • What it means to be a trans channel (38:20)
  • Anne shares some of the messages she decoded from her conversations with the divine (46:20)
  • What “being a messenger” means to an angel (1:02:00)
  • The seven different types of souls (1:19:00)


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Keywords: Angelic Guidance – Contacting Your Higher Self – Trans Channeling and Vibrational Healing
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