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Dr. Jon Finn: The Habit Mechanic – Building Life-Changing Super Habits

todayMay 11, 2024 1

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    Dr. Jon Finn: The Habit Mechanic - Building Life-Changing Super Habits #HeliumRadio

Dr. Jon Finn is a pioneer in performance psychology and resilience. With three psychology-related degrees, including a PhD, he has spent over 20 years crafting his life-changing bestseller, “The Habit Mechanic.” Dr. Finn is the founder of the award-winning Tougher Minds consultancy, which leverages cutting-edge insights to shape resilient individuals and outstanding leaders. He is also the creator of the Habit Mechanic University app, a 24/7 coach in your pocket that ensures easy integration of habit mechanics into daily life.     Episode Summary: In this episode, host Jana Short interviews Dr. Jon Finn, a renowned expert in performance psychology and resilience. Dr. Finn shares his journey and the inspiration behind his book, “The Habit Mechanic,” which is hailed as a manual for life and a toolkit for success. He explains the importance of habits in our lives and how they shape our thoughts and actions. Dr. Finn introduces the concept of super habits and provides practical tips on how to build life-changing habits in just five minutes. He also discusses the role of brain mapping and the power of intelligent self-watching and planning. The episode concludes with a discussion on the Habit Mechanic University app and its ability to support individuals and organizations in building better habits.     Key Takeaways:

  • Habits are automatic or semi-automatic ways of thinking and doing, and they make up at least 98% of what we think and do on a daily basis.
  • Building super habits, which are disproportionately positive and impactful, can be achieved in just five minutes by engaging in tiny empowering actions.
  • The Daily Tea Plan, a simple three-step process, is an effective tool for building super habits. It involves rating your performance, identifying one tiny empowering action, and understanding why it will be helpful.
  • Unlocking the 25 hours brain, which involves spending 5 hours a day in high charge brain states, can significantly improve mental performance and productivity.

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Oh, My Health.There is HOPE!

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