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Ep. 107 ~ Meilin Ehlke – The river Danube inspires

todayNovember 12, 2023

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    Ep. 107 ~ Meilin Ehlke - The river Danube inspires #HeliumRadio

The region’s rich history and captivating landscapes are evident in the tower that stands on the hill in Bad Abbach. Meilin Ehlke mentions that the tower was once inhabited by Heinrich II, who became king of Germany and Italy, and later Emperor. The stones of the tower have witnessed the passage of time and the events that shaped the region. The region’s history extends beyond its own culture, with influences from other cultures, such as the Romans, who have left their mark in the area. Additionally, the region is home to the second longest river in Europe, the Danube (Donau), which flows through ten countries before reaching the Black Sea. The river’s beauty and wide expanse invite people to interact with it and draw inspiration from its ancient wisdom.

(00:01:47) The Tower’s Historical Significance in the Region – ‘Heinrichturm’ Bad Abbach, Bavaria, Germany 
(00:07:03) The Transformative Power of Flowing Ideas 
(00:15:24) Embracing our True Nature and Inner Voice 
(00:17:00 – 00:20:15) Sacred Sounds~ * ~     ~ * ~    ~ *  ~    ~ *  ~
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