EP132 The Heat Pump Summit with Brent Davidson (August 2023)

todaySeptember 8, 2023 6

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    EP132 The Heat Pump Summit with Brent Davidson (August 2023) #HeliumRadio

I’ve been meeting a lot of interesting people from the tech world in in the last year or so.  My new colleague at Duckling, John Hoehn, Shelby Breger at Conduit and most recently, Brent Davidson. Brent has created the first US Heat Pump Summit coming up this November in Berkeley, CA- links below for details. He defines success for the event as the attendees leaving with many new, meaningful connections. It is structured to have a contractor focus so attendees leave with tactical knowledge to begin using immediately. In his words: “Everyone admitted to this conference is on the same team. Whether you got into this work for decarbonizing buildings or a good way to make a living, we all are here with the same goal – sell and successfully install more heat pumps.” The event is hosted in association with the Eneref Institute, and will feature expert-led training from a building science based approach, broad knowledge across topics including how heat pumps fit into a customer’s home electrification journey, the future of the grid, and more. You should attend if you work primarily in heat pumps or building electrification.   This summit’s focus includes a few main areas: building science, smart tools, companies making heat pumps and building electrification hardware, software for sales and remote heat load estimation, companies connecting electrification customers with contractors, demand response tech, and HVAC pro’s in the field.    There’s a great list of featured speakers including my pals, Joe Medosch and Eric Kaiser. I’ll also be there broadening my network of connections.   Head to the website, scroll to the bottom and join the Summit Community for:

  • Discounted tickets
  • Articles on new tech for contractors
  • Invites to Heat Pump Happy Hours
  • Summit updates

Link to the Heat Pump Summit: https://www.heatpumpsummit.org/ Brent on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brentdavidson/ Email:
[email protected] Research Institute we mention: www.Eneref.org   This episode was recorded in August 2023.    

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