Episode # 30 – Building from the Void with Angelica Weaver

Ignited Entrepreneurs
Ignited Entrepreneurs
Episode # 30 - Building from the Void with Angelica Weaver

Episode # 30 – Building from the Void with Angelica Weaver

Angelica Weaver is a Strategic Intervention Master Coach with a mission to help the world heal

For a very long time, she struggled with stress and toxic behaviors. She recalls hating her life, working and getting married just put her into more and more toxic behaviors and stress. It seemed like she was doing everything in the meantime, living up to others expectations and desires and feeling constantly drained…Until, she realized she needed to do something differently… Vibe up, chill, LOVE.

On her 40th birthday, she blew 4 zeros… as Birthday candles ..And her life literally restarted soon after .She lost most of her income, got a divorce from a toxic relationship and ended up without even a cat! 

Fast forward to today… She is now building her dream practice to help others heal, married to the love of her life and ..Starting to live her dream life!

And still building from the void… In quarantine, far from my husband, and helping others heal.

You can contact Angelica via email at: angelica@afinfinity.com

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Jessica Coulthard is the host and founder of Ignited Entrepreneurs Podcast as well as the Ignited Entrepreneurs on FB and the founder of Just a Girl Like Me Coaching.

Jessica is a Strategic Interventionist and NLP Practitioner working to help entrepreneurs up level their businesses.

I am passionate about promoting and supporting other entrepreneurs and helping them get leads for their business

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