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EU Central Bank Prez Spills The Beans About Plans for Digital Euro w/ Dr. Sylvie Salinger

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    EU Central Bank Prez Spills The Beans About Plans for Digital Euro w/ Dr. Sylvie Salinger #HeliumRadio

What’s up love doves! I wanted to post this recent Barbarian Yak Fest w/ Dr. Sylvie, because a) it’s a fun chat and b) this is some important info. 

We’re back baby! Dr. Sylvie returns with a vengeance and delivers two peak Sylvie rants in this Yak Fest for the ages. We start things off with a mental health check-in: Dr. Sylvie shares the latest developments in Skunkgate, and I attempt to use small mouth noises to describe my recent meditations, which have been mind-blowing. Ides of Marchitation kaw!

Then we get to squeezing the juicy juice. We dive into an absolutely insane video of EU Central Bank head harpy Christine Lagarde fielding a prank call by a skilled imitator pretending to be President Zelenskyy. As she believes she is talking to a fellow predator elite, her forthrightness is staggering. She proceeds to spill the beans about their plans for a digital Euro, and divulges why it’s a done deal, and that they’ll be instituting the new paradigm in October. Makes you wonder what the hell else is planned for October…

Lagarde clip starts at 54 min. Here’s the link to the full conversation:

We finish off the Yak Fest by discussing DARPA’s insane Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations, which uses machine learning and real time data to “simulate crises on the U.S. mainland.” The simulations “gobble up breaking news, census data, economic indicators, and climactic events in the real world, along with proprietary information such as military intelligence.” Fun.

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