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Going to Guatemala + A Postmodern Train Wreck in Ohio w/ Dr. Sylvie Salinger

todayFebruary 27, 2023 2

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    Going to Guatemala + A Postmodern Train Wreck in Ohio w/ Dr. Sylvie Salinger #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my adamantine acrobats and convivial bearcats! Welcome to the BNP and thanks so much for joining! A bit of an abridged ep this week because I am leaving tomorrow for Guatemala, but I wanted to get something out on the RSS feed before I go. This episode starts with a meditation on the nature of learning and the critical necessity of maintaining a flexible mind, so you can bend and flow with ideas over time. 

Meat n potatoes are a recent Yak Fest with the inimitable Dr. Sylvie, where we break down the insane and bizarre story around the E. Palestine, Ohio train derailment and subsequent chemical spill (see: attack) and ensuing ecological crisis.

We discuss the bonkers connection with the Netflix film White Noise (based on the 1985 book by Don DeLillo), which is all about a train accident and “airborne toxic event (filming was done in E. Palestine, Ohio, of all places, what a koinkydink).

We talk about the authorities’ decisions to first let the vinyl chloride and whatever other noxious chemicals seep into the groundwater for several days (potentially polluting the entire Ohio river watershed) and then to blow up the gas, manifesting in reality what the film White Noise referred to as the aforementioned “airborne toxic event.” Finally we map the connection between Post Modernism in general and 3 letter agencies’ long term agenda to degrade the moral fiber of our culture and atomize us at the psychic level. Rude!

We finish off the Yak Fest by playing a video of Elon Musk simping for Klaus’ 4th industrial Rev, and then I play the James Brown preacher scene from Blues Brothers bc that’s the vibe I want at my funeral.   

I’ll see everyone on the other side of Central America! Can’t wait to tell you all about it and integrate the experience into my future episodes. Love and appreciate everyone out there in the rabbit holes of space and time…

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