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Grief is a Dancing Octopus + Maryam Henein on Decrypting PsyOps

todayFebruary 15, 2023 1

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    Grief is a Dancing Octopus + Maryam Henein on Decrypting PsyOps #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my turbulent takins and turpitudinous tapirs! Welcome back to the BNP and thanks so much for joining! We got a stellar episode for ya this week friends, a real wafflelicious fang banger. Zany audio tidbits and an original poem await. Also included are two personal soliloquys, where I open up regarding the nature of grief, the experience of facing death and the unavoidable knot of our own mortality, and how to process (or simply survive) a loved one’s passing.

For the meat n potatoes this week I feature an absolute banger of an interview with investigative journalist, author, documentarian, fiercely independent thinker and overall badass Maryam Henein. Some may recognize Maryam from her renowned 2009 documentary, The Vanishing of the Bees. Since that time, she has remained a steadfast and outspoken advocate for holistic health, vaccine safety and exposing government corruption. Maryam just released her latest film, George Floyd: The Real Timeline. She will soon be releasing a companion book called George Floyd: A Multi-layered Psy Op Examined.

Maryam and I chat about propaganda, mass formation, mind control, holistic health, psychological operations, spiritual war and much more. This is an episode not to be missed, enjoy! 

Time Stamp: Maryam Henein interview begins at 46:23

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