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Hosea ch 5 Prophesy happening TODAY. Prophetic Import. Prophetic Update.

todayJune 15, 2023 3

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    Hosea ch 5 Prophesy happening TODAY. Prophetic Import. Prophetic Update. #HeliumRadio

@companionchapel1033 How is a 2700-year-old prophecy from the biblical book of Hosea relevant and applicable to our lives today? Have you ever wondered if any of the Old Testament prophecies have relevance in the world today? From Hosea Chapter One, we examine how the ancient words of the prophets tell us everything about our lives and our society today. We’ll explore how the events and themes described in Hosea have a prophetic import, and, in so doing, provide us with an update about the current goings-on in our world. Join us on a journey as we dig deeper into Hosea and unpack the prophetic implications it holds for our world today. There are 800 million videos on YouTube & 37 million channels. It is nothing short of a miracle that you have found this video. Please help support this channel by going to and donating what you can to help magnify, glorify and broadcast God’s saving Word. Please ‘ Like’ ‘Subscribe’, hit the ‘Noti bell’ & comment below . It’s the least you can do to help glorify, magnify and broadcast God’s saving Word. (It helps with the algorithms) Contact Companion Chapel Worldwide Ministry Today (a registered non-profit ministry) Hundreds of Bible teaching podcasts available, simply google Companion Chapel podcast. Email Today Enquire about your spot in the Companion Chapel Homesteading Community Please help me keep bringing these podcasts to you. Donate whatever you can at (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, PayPal) Thank and may God bless you. Or E-transfer to Please consider I do this full time for You. Please send Walmart, Rona, Home Depot gift cards to #338 Sideroad 28/29 Paisley Ontario Canada N0G 2N0 — Send in a voice message:

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